Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Most are doing it WRONG

Wrong Focus

You MUST simplify the focus of your marketing. Think about your customers problems and what they are searching to solve them. 85% of internet searches are searches for solutions, not brands. Are you trying to build your brand, or generate leads?

Not Measuring

How do you know something is working, or isn’t, if it's not being tracked? Every successful business on the planet knows exactly where to spend their marketing efforts. How? Because they TRACK IT!!!

Not Consistent

Most people aren’t consistent, which is why most investors fail. The ONLY way to be consistent is to put everything on AUTOPILOT! If you have to do it every single day on your own, there will be days where it doesn’t get done. If you have a full time job, this is absolutely crucial.

Wrong Tools

All-In-One Platforms offer different combinations of business functions is an integrated package and are aimed at Small Business customers who do not want to purchase several different point systems.

Following UP

This is where 92% of all investors fail.

The Follow-Up Epidemic You don’t have a marketing problem, you have a follow-up problem. You can easily double your business without increasing marketing cost by focusing on the follow-up! Only 2% of suspects will actually say YES on the FIRST call. 98% will only act once trust is built. Why is it so difficult? Too many other things on their mind? Lack of time? Budget constraints? These are not negative! These are psychological & transactional realities that you must be aware! How long does it take to buy? When THEY are READY…not when you need a PAYCHECK: 63% will buy in 3 months 17% will buy in 3-12 months 20% will buy in 12 months or more

You Have To Follow-up!

2% say YES on 1st touch 3% say YES on 2nd touch 4% say YES on 3rd touch 10% say YES on 4th touch

81% of sales occur after the 5th touch!

Don’t GIVE UP!

44% give up after the 1st touch 22% give up after the 2nd touch 14% give up after the 3rd touch 12% give up after the 4th touch

That means 92% give up an eventual YES!


Every single property should have an offer!

Why don’t more people do this? It takes too long. They might offend someone. What if they actually say YES? Encompass REI makes it easy to quickly analyze properties and potential deals, so easy in fact, no property should ever go without an offer! The property analyzer allows you to pull comps, and quickly calculate your max offer.