Attract buyers, sellers, and private lenders with drag-and-drop lead-generating websites and landing pages.


Drag & Drop Lead Generation Websites
Pre-Built Sales Funnel
Single Property Websites
Property Flyers
Print Campaigns
Landing Pages With Built In "Lead Magnets"
Integration onto Third Party Marketing Sites
Integrated "Text-to-Join" SMS Marketing Campaign Systems
Phone Marketing System

100% Optimized for Mobile Views

Over 60% of internet searches are done on a cell phone. Don't risk losing out on valuable leads because your website isn't responsive. All Encompass REI websites and landing pages are optimized for faster performance on mobile devices.

Higher Conversion Rates

Our high performing websites ensure that anyone who visits your website has the best chance to convert into a high quality lead. After lots of trial and error, and hundreds of A/B tests we've created a handful of different templates that convert really well. 

Make More Deals With Our Powerful Property Tools

Buy it or not? Flip it or hold it? How will using hard money versus traditional financing affect your profit? Encompass REI provides powerful analytics tools that help you make offers quickly. Never suffer from analysis paralysis ever again.

Ready-to-Go Content Library

Encompass REI’s included content library makes it easy to set up an activate a follow up campaign for any type of prospect. The library contains pre-built email and letter templates, autoresponders, and action sets. These are grouped by categories: absentee owners, sellers in bankruptcy, cash buyers, distressed sellers, sellers in foreclosure, free and clear sellers, lease option sellers, lease option buyers, probate sellers, property finders and birdogs, renters, and wholesale buyers.

Smart Phone Tools

Reach motivated on their mobile device using automated ringless voicemail and send, receive, and manage text messages that spark real time sales conversations. Encompass includes the tools for you to build your very own phone system, as simple or complex as you need it to be. Create a virtual menu to manage your inbound calls, manage routing, and more!


Email Autoresponders

Autoresponders are a sequence of emails that go out after a prospect takes a certain action on your webpages, or emails. Strong autoresponders are key for maximizing your return on your marketing investment. Encompass REI comes with all the content you need to start a web presence for your real estate business.