The all-in-one Real Estate Business Management Solution

Websites, Sales Funnels, Lead Generation, and Marketing Automation for Real Estate Investors.


As a real estate investor or broker, going with a low cost do it yourself builder as opposed to a specialized site built with performance and automation in mind can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in potential leads every year.

Automate your follow up and insure every single one of your potential clients or sellers see your offer.

Encompass REI consolidates the systems you need, and already use to be successful in real estate investing.

Website and Landing Pages

Easily create impressive looking lead generation websites and start generating buyer and seller leads.

Automated Systems

Encompass REI includes pre-built sales funnels and email campaigns to get your business up and running as quick as possible.

Investment Calculator

Our in depth investment calculator will break down every potential deal, whether it’s a traditional fix and flip, a wholesale property, or a rental.

CRM and Task Management

Encompass REI is a fully featured CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and task management system.

Powerful Phone Tools

Encompass REI lets you easily create text and stealth voicemail campaigns to maximize your messages reach. It’s never been so easy to canvas for leads.

One on One Training

Our staff is here to teach you how to use Encompass REI and provide extensive support.

Why do 8% of all investors get 81% of the deals on the market?

Because they follow up. Most investors, especially new investors don't adequately follow up on their leads. In most cases, it can take seven or eight "NO"s to lead to a "YES". Encompass REI comes with powerful email and phone marketing tools to automate your follow up and make sure no deal gets left behind.

Systems For Success

So you can get paid consistently and repeatedly.

sys·tem(sĭs′təm) n.
A group of elements or parts that function
together to form a complex whole.

Proven, Repeatable, Simple. You must use a system.

Systems are tried and true methods of success. Every successful business operating today runs on a system created by the business owners, or adapted from an existing system such as a franchise. As such, you have two options, create your own system, or step into an existing system. This is the only way you can get paid consistently and repeatedly.